Monday, December 10, 2012


My absolute favorite move!

Squat is a functional exercise, targeting large muscle groups, that when done properly strengthens not only your legs but your upper body as well. It tones your back, abs and it is probably the best exercise for strong and rounded butt. Apart from just shaping your body, it helps you with your real-life daily activities, not only teaches you how to use a piece of equipment. People were squatting since the ancient times. It helps you to maintain your mobility and balance boost your metabolism and makes you stronger. 

Squat is simply fantastic! 

Stand with your feet just a little wider than is your shoulders width. Your toes need to be pointing out slightly. If you are using a barbell, the bar is not resting directly on your neck/spine but just a bit lower on your trapezius muscle. When you hold the bar you should be squeezing your shoulder blades together. Keep your back in neutral position; your tummy should be nice and strong. Keep your core activated at all times. Now, lower your body slowly, bending the knees, as if you were trying to sit on a chair. Make sure your thighs are parallel with the floor in the bottom position. Then get back up and squeeze your butt as you do so. Make sure, that your neck is in neutral position at all times (so don’t look up). 
The repetitions really depend on the weight you lift and on your goal. If you are beginner and you squat with body weight you can do as many as 20-25 reps. If you work with weigh and you try to build up your muscles, the weight should be heavy enough so that you can’t do more than 12 reps. 

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